Where are the leather spats made?

All of our leather spats are made in France by the founder in her Lyon workshop. They are exclusively produced in France with craftsmanship and expertise.

Are there different sizes, like for regular shoes?

Our leather spats are made to adapt to every pump from every brand (US :6-10, UK:3.5 - 7.5, CANADA:6 - 9.5 ) Beyond these sizes we cannot guarantee that the leather spat will adapt perfectly to your pump.

Is every heel height adjustable to leather spats?

Our leather spats adjust better to pumps with a heel height between (2- 5 INCHES).

How do I pay?

You can pay by:
Credit/Debit card (Visa, MasterCard and American Express)

Can I cancel or edit my order?

To cancel an order or edit it, you can contact us by filling this form under 24 hours. We do not guarantee that it will be cancelled but if the item is not shipped yet, we will cancel your order (see our Terms and Conditions).

Can I exchange my item?

As detailed in our Terms and Conditions, you have 14 business days - starting from the shipping date – to return every item that does not suit you and asking for an exchange or refund without penalty, except for return fees. The items have to be returned in their original box, new, unworn, with their labels and the bill. The withdrawal right has to be signalled before by email through the website’s Contact Form.

How long does the shipping take?

The shipping in France will be done at the latest in 10 business days from the day after the customer has done his order, otherwise said on the website.

What are the delivery zones?

Around the world.